[ ✄ ] Holiday Decorations

I'm not big on holiday decorations but this year I decided to make some fabric pumpkins for Thanksgiving after seeing them in an old Martha Stewart magazine. Luckily, I remembered to browse my old magazines before getting on the internet (and inevitably losing many hours) for inspiration. They were really easy to do but still time consuming. Now I understand why people buy decorations that are used only once a year! For most of the stems, I ended up cheating and rolling thin strips of felt, and hot-gluing them. Sooooo much faster.

I also used the holidays as a deadline to make fabric napkins with mitered corners. Another sewing project I would've never completed, had it not been for the need.

For December…

These felt ornaments are made with instructions from the Purl Bee. Purl Bee is always full of great projects, so I often go there before using any other resources on-line. This was also time consuming but not hard. It was a great project to do while catching up on podcasts. Plus, I think I will leave the twig-mobile version for the non-holiday times too. Previously, it looked like this.

Happy Holidays, everyone! ❄

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