Week #36

This week, I started making bracelets with embroidery floss using this tutorial. It's amazing how I'd completely forgotten how to make these since high school (or was it junior high?). I got major backache and shoulder ache by the time I finished this one. Signs of age? I don't remember this being a painful hobby.. but I digress.

This is what happened when Mr. Lilacmoon saw my finished piece above.

Mr. Lilacmoon: Hey, that looks nice!
Me: ..
Mr. Lilacmoon: Make me one, too!
Me: Really?!?
Mr. Lilacmoon: Yeah!
Me: ... okay.

So there you have it. One for me, one for him. No rhinestone chain for him, though.


Design Fixation said...

Great idea, this takes me back to my younger years! I LOVE those muted hues in the second bracelet....

Jinnie said...

Thanks, Faith! Yeah, I'm taking my time on that one.. ^^