Iro Iro #2

1. A new bag. A new ♥. And, um, that's moi.

2. Hello Sandwich's Tokyo Guide in PDF, all printed and bound with gold strings. Yup, Japan is on my mind yet again. And I'm going there soon! There's a stack of guide books I have to go through but I figure one more couldn't hurt. How could it when it's this cute?

3. Crochet hand warmers. Clearly, I was inspired by Sandra Juto's wrist worms. My hands (and feet) are always cold, and I hate how the side of my right hand has to rest on the cold surface of my Wacom tablet all the time. I've been using a leather glove but it's been rather cumbersome to put it on and off for intermittent typing. So after several failed attempts, I made these. I've been wearing them inside and outside the house; so cold these days! And it might even snow here in SF this weekend! That's just crazy talk.

Stay warm, my friends, and don't forget! The 20% off sale at my Etsy shop is still going.


Lavender Playground said...

Oh I really love your bag! I was just looking at one at Fossil..may I ask where did you get yours?

Jinnie said...

It is from Madewell. I like the Fossil bags, too, because they have lots pockets (this one only has 1 inner pocket).