Iro Iro #1

1. An unusual cardboard box for mini Essie nail polish bottles. The nerd in me got a kick out of unfolding it and folding it back together. I know, I am easily amused.

2. Loose-leaf tea from Lupicia's fukubukuro. We got two boxes of these mystery sets, one with flavored black teas and one with green tea. Mr. Lilacmoon and I don't usually drink flavored teas, so we thought it would be an interesting way to try something different. And it was! It was like opening Christmas presents in January. I haven't tried all of them yet (it will be awhile) but I like the chestnut one a lot so far.

Speaking of tea, I can't wait to try this tea app, and I don't even have an iPhone (well, I use iPod Touch). Looks promising, doesn't it? It's great to see more people interested in tea (and apps for them!) because that means caf├ęs and restaurants will start carrying more teas and brew them at the right temperatures. Hopefully.

Have a great weekend, my readers!

PS: iro iro means "various" in Japanese, one of my favorite words. I think I will use it more often here. :)

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