I Made: necklaces + organizer

This project was all about using what I already had.
It started with a cheap, multi-strand necklace that I never reached for. It had this pink theme going, and I was like, what the heck. Why did I buy this. So, I separated the strands out into separate necklaces, using chains and clasps I had saved from who knows what. One of them, on the right above, now has a crochet string made from a pattern in my favorite crochet book (featured in one of my older posts here).

You'll recognize my old cell phone strap mentioned in the same old post, turned into a necklace charm, on the far left above. The strap part finally broke after years of use and I couldn't throw it out.

All these had to go somewhere, and then I remembered this diy jewelry shadowboxes project over at Design*Sponge. I got a pack of tiny cup hooks at a local hardware store and attached them to the bottom of three wooden frames that I wasn't using.

VoilĂ . That was super simple and easy.
Now I want to put cup hooks on all the frames in the house for no good reason, heh.

How do you keep your necklaces?

PS: "Just start" was inspired by Elise Joy (via seasaw) and this papernstich dry erase board tutorial. I love it because it reminds me of the Korean saying that roughly translates to "to start is to be half way done."

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