Paper Quilt Project

Hello, my dear readers. I kinda fell off the face of the earth, didn't I? I am slowly climbing back up though.. ^^

Here's something I worked on while I was away, a collage for the Paper Quilt Project. It will become part of a paper quilt and I'm very excited I was able to participate. (Please do look at all the other participants' submissions right here!)

This is what I started with, a lovely package from Dawbis:

I did lots of sketches on the project's theme, which was "A Day in My Life". I knew I wanted to work with the theme of being positive (because I can be quite negative) but I didn't like any of the sketches. I was already being too negative about my progress. Finally, I decided I was thinking too hard and let my hands do the work, cutting papers into strips and then making little +'s.

And there you have it. My daily struggle to stay +, illustrated. :)