Want! Strangebeautiful Nail Polish

(by Strangebeautiful Library of Color; All images from Anthropologie)

Um, I seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession with nail polishes. Don't these look so strangely beautiful? I'm definitely a sucker for unique product design and packaging, so these are going straight to my wishlist. :P


abbyartnphoto said...

These are gorgeous!! I love unique colors on nails as well. I'm always getting strange colors at the drugstore to try out. My current nail color is charcoal gray! These are going to the top of my wishlist too. Great blog, I'm a new follower too btw! :)

- http://abbyartnphoto.blogspot.com/

Jinnie said...

Why, thank you, Abby~

I've been looking for a nice gray nail polish. If you have any recommendations, please do tell! :D

Nikki said...

Oh I love these! I am a nail polish fanatic and these colors are awesome. I love that there is two in one! Twice the fun :)