Portland -Part 1-

How was your 4th of July weekend?
I didn't do anything special, just spent some time catching up with things :) Like finally processing the roll of film from my trip to Portland. As you'll see, I stayed at Ace Hotel..

Too bad it rained constantly while I was there, so a lot of my shots are from indoors at the hotel. The wide angle of Klasse W really helped! Other than chilling at the hotel, I really didn't do much else.. This was not my first trip to Portland, so I skipped all the tourist attractions and just relaxed as much as I could. I took walks in the rain, window shopped a lot, and ate good food.. Oh, and TV! I don't have a TV at home, so it was quite a treat to watch TV in the hotel room. Silly me, I know. ^_^


grace said...

i love these pics!
what camera do you use?

Lili said...

every time I see a photo of the Ace Hotel in Portland I just want to go more and more. they opened up the Ace Hotel here in NY over a year ago and it's got its own charm and I do love visiting it but I just don't feel as drawn to it as I do the one in Portland. thanks for sharing these photos. that Klasse W seems like such an awesome camera. double-y envious! :)

Jinnie said...

Grace, these pictures were shot with Fujifilm Klasse W.

Thanks, Lili! I've seen pictures of the NY Ace Hotel, and to tell you the truth, I'm more drawn to it than to the PDX one. If I ever go to NY, I'm going to definitely check it out. ^^