I Made: a small Polaroid album

I went through many, many Polaroids of our family dog and finally put the best ones in a nice small album with photo corners.

I haven't archived photos like this since I made my Japan travel albums almost a year ago.. Which is really a shame because your favorite Polaroids shouldn't be stuck in some boxes! :P

Anyway, how do you store your pictures, especially Polaroids? Any recommendations on affordable, archival photo albums with 3.5"x5" sleeves? I'm looking for albums with sleeves because I really don't want to use scrapbook style albums + photo corners for ALL my Polaroids.. that would be too tedious. And 3.5"x5" would be the perfect size for 600 films! When I was growing up (ha ha), that was the standard size but not so anymore, it seems. Aieee~


Design Fixation said...

Beautiful! I love the spare style of the album.

(Adorable doggy too!)

Amie said...

How wonderful!! We have waaaay more than enough photos of little Abbey Cat needed to make an album, but for now they are just sitting in our computer. The photos that we do have are in a single drawer of my shelving system from Ikea, and it works perfectly.

It's lovely!

Lili said...

I love both this and your Japan trip album! I should definitely consider organizing my polaroids into albums. Right now they are stored by date but I'd love to sit through them one day and try to find a common theme. :)

Jinnie said...

Thanks, Design Fixation!

@Amie, wow, at least you have all your photos in one place. :D And Abbey is a cutie~

Thanks, Lili! Yes, I'd love see your Polaroid albums! I sort them by date too and am thinking about a next theme.. A dog theme was too easy. ^^