I Made: pastel wooden clips

Big wooden clips from Daiso + mt masking tapes = clips to organize things

I forgot I had these clips! They're just a tad wider than the masking tapes but I rather like the result. Good thing the tapes can be removed easily.. When I get sick of these (it will happen for sure), I will be able to dress them up again in different colors. :)

(Inspired by Suzy Jack's decorative clips)


Anonymous said...

Loving this idea, great to use my latest stash of MT tape.

Jinnie said...

Thanks! :)

Nerissa said...

i'm totally loving this. such a great and simple idea. love your blog too!! x

Design Fixation said...

Ooooh I did the same thing with striped tape: http://designfixation.blogspot.com/2010/06/red-tape.html

Great idea to write on them!

Unknown said...

Hi there, thanks for sharing this idea! We loved it so much we’ve put a link to it on our blog http://www.polkadotlighthouse.blogspot.com along with a few other MT ideas! Thanks again!