Film Shots from Klasse W

Eggs + Asparagus sandwich at Local Mission Eatery

Café au Lait and Tres Leches Cake at Tartine Bakery

Open faced deviled egg sandwich and Brussel sprouts chips at Marlowe

Various homey Japanese dishes at Kappou Gomi

Pani Puri at Dosa

I finally got around to scanning the latest 35mm rolls I shot with Fujifilm Klasse W. If you know me from Flickr, you might remember that this Klasse W is the newest member of my camera family. As you can see, I ended up taking lots of pictures of yummy foods at my favorite restaurants. ^^ After shooting 4 rolls with it, I have to say, the camera is really fun to carry around. Light, compact and sexy to boot. The wide angle came in handy while taking these pictures at local restaurants, too. I just had to make sure to use the smaller rectangular guide in the viewfinder, not the whole viewfinder, for the close-up shots. I'm no photography expert, so I can't say much about the image quality but the lens does seem to be quite contrasty. And I think the camera handled low-light situations better than I expected.

Um, I'm getting hungry. How about you?


Dawn said...

Oh my gosh, am I HUNGRY! I just ate too! Hahaha... what I would do to eat a big piece of cake right now... mmmm.

Jinnie said...

Sorry! ^^
I'm getting hungry, too. It's dinner time..
Thanks for stopping by, Dawn!

Anonymous said...

Yum. And, klasse-y!