I Made: a jersey scarf

I've been a very bad blogger. T_T
I haven't been that busy, really.. I was gone on a trip but that's not a good excuse. I've just been uninspired. Generally feeling LOST everyday. Unsure of where I'm going with this blog, with my creative endeavors, with my life. Yup, it's not a great feeling.

I have a good news.
I made a scarf.

After seeing Sally at Shim and Sons (here) and Sarah at The Small Object (here) whipping  jersey scarves, I had to try it myself. I got one yard of this starry fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics, cut it into two strips, and hand-stitched the ends of each strip together to loops. Oh, I lied. I made TWO scarves. Not too shabby for less than $5! And I love how these infinite loopy scarves don't fall off your neck. Brilliant. Just loop it!

As much as I resent the Internet, I do benefit from it. So thanks for all the inspiration, Internet! I think as long as you are there, I will keep on blogging. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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