I'm such a dork #2

Have you checked out the Liberty of London for Target collection?
Like many of you, I was terribly excited and counted the days until the release date. I actually stayed up late on Saturday night to place an order. But after splurging on things I don't really need and haven't received yet, I'm drooling over yet even more Liberty stuff. Yup, told you I was a dork.

Have you seen the Merci x Liberty collection? In addition to pretty suitcases and envelopes, they have washi masking tapes in floral prints, made by the familiar brand, mt. Masking tapes!! *faints*

(images from liberty.co.uk)

But most of these are out of stock online. Tragic, right? They were available a couple days ago, and I had put them in the shopping cart. Oh yeah, I checked the international shipping rate. About $40 USD. Each tape about $7. Crazy, I know, but I was entertaining the idea.

Um, can anyone hook me up? Please?

Better yet, I think it'd be awesome if mt did a collection with Liberty directly and have them available in the US, too. ;) At the rate at which Liberty is collaborating with other companies these days, I don't think it's a bad idea. In fact, with the popularity of masking tapes rising and many Liberty fans all over, especially in Japan, it'd be a huge success. It's like, duh, why didn't we think of this combination before?

What, me? Desperate? No...


Dawn said...

I actually went to two target stores here to see if there were any in stock, but no luck :(

ashlina {the decorista} said...

i love these tapes. love!
your blog is absolutely adorable. i love the poloaroids.