I Made: a ribbon necklace

Materials I used
  • A piece of ribbon
  • A crown charm from a broken cell phone strap
  • An old necklace chain


Do you wear lots of necklaces? Or make your own? I don't plan on adding jewelry making to my growing list of hobbies but this was fun. :)


marcia said...

That looks really pretty. Did you just tie the ribbon, or is it glued on as well?

Jinnie said...

Thanks, Marcia!
I just tied it really tight. Fortunately, it's been staying tied, so it looks like no glue will be needed. :)

Avalonne Hall said...

This is so cute! Your blog is so inspirational and pretty! :)

Jinnie said...

Why, thanks, avalonne! :D

Liz said...

it's really cute.