Valentine's Day Dinner

What a delicious weekend.

I did some more baking, and on Sunday, citrusboy and I went to a yummy bakery in a new neighborhood (which I'll blog about next), and then we had an awesome dinner at Frances for Valentine's Day.


We started with a calamari appetizer, beet salad, and parsnip soup.

My entrée of Lacinato kale and crêpe cannelloni with maitake mushrooms

Desserts were fantastic as well. Citrusboy had the "lumberjack" cake with d'anjou pears and dates, and I had the panna cotta with winter citrus and shortbread cookies (pictured above). Everything we ordered was so good.

Mm.. what can I say? He knows the sure way to my heart. ♥ ♥


Calvin C. CHOI said...

Nice! But no chocolate? ;-)

Jinnie said...

I got a tin of Tcho drinking chocolate. I think that counts ;)