Tourist for a day

After I don't know how many years of living in SF, I finally went to the Cable Car Museum. I wanted to show the city around to a friend from Japan, so I used that as an excuse to finally make the visit. It was a neat little museum! Free, too! These rows of wheels actually move all the cable cars in the city, and each row is labeled above with the name of the line it moves. The Powell St. line was the only one not moving (not pictured) because it was out of order. It was cool to see the reason why we couldn't ride the cable car all the way to the museum.

Then we saw Lombard Street and walked around the Ghirardelli Square, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, etc.. I know, very touristy things to do but we were in the area. I'm glad we did because that is where we met this cat, at a dock. It was totally chill.

Love napping cats who don't care that you're just an inch away.

Maybe I should be a tourist in my own city more often. And take more pictures. ^^

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