Shop Update

This is a quick post to announce that my Etsy shop has been updated with a new Polaroid mini set (here). A yummy Valentine's Day theme! It was really difficult taking pictures of cookies and cupcakes and cleaning up afterward. Oh yeah. ;)

I'm still participating in Papernstitch, so come on over and take a look around~
Some lovely goodies that I found at Papernstitch:


Handmade with love by G said...

I was looking for an easy clover pattern for Easter decoration, and luckily ended up here :) I just loved your blog... ohh and the photographs... I wish I could take photographs as beautiful as yours ;) I've also taken a look at your etsy shop, and your artwork is really impressive :) I'll be visiting your blog frequently it seems...


Jinnie said...

Hi G!
Thanks for your lovely comments. Come on by anytime~ And what a cute blog you have! You look like a crochet master. I'll be visiting again as well. :)