Wrapping Fun

Whenever I have to wrap (which I love to do), I try to think of a new, creative way to do it. But I always end up using round tags or stickers.

I guess you can't go wrong with a metallic string + round sticker. :)

For this one, I got fancy and used a new snowflake punch I recently got. I punched four snowflakes and overlapped them below the scallop-edged tag. The initials are from here. I've never used transfers before, and these came out very clean.

I finally got a ticket to visit my family, and I'm wondering what I should do for the presents I'm bringing with me. I can't wrap them beforehand.. :( I used to pack just the basics, like gift bags or wrapping papers cut to size but I want to do more than that. Hm.. sounds like I'll have to do some serious planning before I pack.

How are your holiday preparations going? Any wrapping ideas you always end up using?


Ali said...

Lovely lovely wrapping. I am going for tissue in rainbow colours this year, with white ribbon. It's a departure for me, but hopefully will be fun.

g. said...

This is really beautiful!!
I made a link about your gorgeous wraps here: http://onehour.tumblr.com/
because I really love these.

Jinnie said...

Thanks, Ali!
Rainbow colors does sound like a fun departure from the traditional holiday colors. :) Good luck!

@ g.
I see that you cropped out the copyright notices in my images. Although I appreciate your feedback and the link back, please do not use or edit any of my images without permission first. That is what the copyright notices are for. I wanted to let you know via email but couldn't find your contact info. I request that you use the original images instead. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the hearts! What a creative soul you are! JB in Elgin