Happy Holidays! (More Wrapping)

More fun with the round holiday stickers and my new snowflake craft punch. I think I used about 15 snowflakes for the top one. Punch, punch, punch, punch, punch, punch.. It's pretty addictive. And hypnotizing. 0_o

For the light blue tag, I used a washi tape that I've been itching to use. Did you know they sell rolls of them individually at Maido? Sure, it's pricier that way but I get to choose the ones I really like. Sweet.

Later today, I'll be on my way to see my family. I'm excited and worried because my flight is obviously overbooked. Holiday traveling, mmmm boy. Anyway, I'm leaving my shop open while I am gone since the sale is good till the end of the year (hint hint). I won't be able to do any shipping until I come back on the 5th though. Wait, that's.. that's next year. Holy!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and if you're traveling, safe travels! See you next year! ^_^

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