Japan Trip Albums

Citrusboy and I finally finished a couple of photo albums for our Japan trip pictures. A very luxurious, green scrapbook for the best of my Polaroid shots and a sleek, small black album for his digital shots. A very small fraction of the digital shots; that only covered Ohara and Mt. Koya. And we didn't even include my film shots! We'll need many, many more albums for the rest of the trip, no doubt.

Although it was really hard to select the pictures to include, it felt good to get the them out of the computer (or boxes in Polaroids' case) and into something physical and more presentable. I hope to finish more before the end of the year.

Can you tell that food was a very important part of our trip? ;)


Meg said...

beautiful! Where did you get these albums?

Jinnie said...

The felt album was a gift, so I'm not sure where you can buy one. It is made by World of Journals. The black album is by a Japanese brand, bought at Kinokuniya Stationery Store in SF. I'm hoping they restock because I would like some more. ^^