Catching Up

I am feeling better now but I am behind on everything, including the shop update. I think I will aim for mid November instead and make it even better.

Oh, this computer? It is my new helper, except that it's not helping me catch up. ;) Now all my files from the previous computer and my external hard drive fit comfortably in the new hard drive. I'll still have to spend many more hours consolidating and sorting the files but at least they're all together finally. I'll also need to research and test-drive more wallet-friendly alternatives to Photoshop because my CS2 is refusing to install on the new computer. Apparently, CS2 is not supported on Snow Leopard, and I can't take advantage of the upgrade pricing because you can't upgrade from the suite to just one app. Boo. Anyway, so far in this search for another photo-editing app, I'm learning that I've been spoiled. Very spoiled. *sigh* I miss my workflow in Photoshop.

Here are some links I'd like to share with you for the weekend:

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween!


Geninne said...

Congratulations on your new "assistant". That mouse is just too beautiful!

Jinnie said...

Oh, thanks, Geninne!
Yes, the mouse is quite nice to work with ;) I'm really liking the scrolling.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Il est si beau...