Finally, I'm done with recipe organizing!
I originally planned to make some cute recipe cards using Gocco and blank index cards but I realized that they wouldn't be that practical for me. I like to see the directions on a bigger page! Now I just zerox copy favorite recipes from magazines and cook books and insert them into this binder with lots of clear inserts. And when it's cooking time, I just prop it up with the acrylic stand I received as a gift:

Easy! A bit sad I didn't get to use Gocco for this little project but this solution will save me a lot of time. And I'll still get to see the beautiful photography that come with some of the recipes, all in one place.

By the the way, the oatmeal cookies above were made with this recipe from Martha Stewart Living. Baked with apricots and white chocolate instead of raisins! Very yummy.

Speaking of organizing, this is a brilliant idea I'd like to try next:
Business card inserts + extra buttons/threads by simple + pretty

Hope you all have a wonderful week ^_^


cchan said...

The binder is nicer than a typical 3-ring binder. Where did you get it? Can you provide link please? ^__^

Jinnie said...

Oh, I wish I could, Catherine! It is by a Japanese brand called F.O.B COOP; I bought it at the local Kinokuniya store. I am not sure if they have any more.. Sorry it's not much of a help!

cchan said...

Thanks Jinnie, I kept on thinking and thinking of alternatives and found something that I have used before http://www.itoya.ca/Catalogs/Profolio/Profolio_html/Art_profolio_Evolution.htm

Not sure why I never thought of this one. It even comes in different sizes so suitable for magazines that are not typically 8.5x11.

Thanks for jogging my memory!

cchan said...

Found another pretty one but probably more expensive. http://www.pinazangaro.com/

Jinnie said...

Oh, I've seen Itoya ones before at art stores. They would work just as well. Thanks!

The Zangaro ones are quite fancy indeed!