White Frames

On my last trip to Ikea, I got a whole bunch of white frames for all the art prints and posters that have been sitting in storage too long and to update my Poladoodle prints. They were in black frames so far, and while they worked for some images, I felt they could look better if they were all in white.

I'm happy with the way they look in the new frames, despite the slight-yet-more-noticeable-than-others blue tint in the glasses. Are all Ikea frames like that? Anyway, San Francisco map in the big frame is a wrapping paper from Cavallini & Co, and I'm so glad it's finally framed after, oh I don't know, 2 years? There are plenty more to frame, and you'll see them here soon. Unless I make the frames wait 2 years, too. No, I will not let that happen! ^^

Happy weekend everyone~


NeL said...

this makes me want to frame some of my polaroids!

Anonymous said...

Beatiful! I have unused white IKEA frames and must now pull them out and put them on the wall. You make them look so good!

Jinnie said...

Thank you both! :)