Few changes..

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time trying to improve how things look around the apartment. Like browsing many catalogs and sites like Apartment Therapy, rearranging furniture, taking a rare trip to Ikea.. I even got some archival boards (finally!) to cut some custom mats for all the wonderful prints I've collected so far.

Here are some of the small changes I've made recently:
I replaced the polaroids hanging on the wire with some Chihiro Iwasaki postcards I bought on my last trip to Tokyo. She is one of my favorite illustrators.

A mirror with key hooks for the entryway from CB2. It fits perfectly in the narrow wall and is very convenient for a quick check before I step out.

What I would really like to do is paint all the walls some non-white colors but the landlord won't allow it. Oh well.

More changes to come.. :)


Erica Kelly said...

i think you're doing a lovely job with your white walls!

Jinnie said...

Why, thanks! That's a relief. ^^