Mother's Day card + masking tapes

Hope you all had a good weekend!
My weekend was quite relaxed.. I got to visit Heath Ceramics at Sausalito to take advantage of their sale and played lots of Ratchet & Clank. I did not spend Sunday with my mom because I'm living very far from my family. :(

But now that Mother's Day has passed, I can share this photo of the card I made for her. I love shopping for cards but this Mother's Day, I didn't find any that I thought she would like, so I just made one. And I know she appreciates handmade cards because last time I sent her a fancy card, she was slightly disappointed that I didn't hand make it.. Oh, Mom.

And yes, that's masking tape. ^^;; I've been itching to use them, so this was a good, very simple project to start with. I'll have to come up with other projects soon. ^^

These three I got at a cool photo store in Tokyo last year, called Monogram (I'm sure I'll talk about this store at another time because it was so nice). Good thing there are many online stores that carry these tapes now, like this one and this one. And if you're in San Francisco area, Kinokuniya Stationery store in Japantown carries some mt brand tapes, too. Awesome.

I'll be back tomorrow with an exciting piece of news I've been keeping a secret. ^^

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