stationery love: o-check

Last weekend in the unusually hot weather, I stopped by my favorite shop Rare Device and treated myself to some stationery love.

A nifty diamond notebook and a roll of grid tape (top one)! They are both by o-check design graphics, from Korea, my native country. Sweet.. Love seeing Korean products at Rare Device. Before it was mmmg, now o-check. Awesome. Clever names, too. o-check can be read "gong-chaek" in Korean, meaning blank (zero or in this case "o") book or notebook.

The pages inside the notebook have a very good, smooth texture. Not too thick, not too thin.

Funny coincidence, I realized that another roll of decorative tape I have (pictured below the red grid tape) is also by o-check. That one I purchased at an interior goods store in Daikanyama last year; it has a white lace design. Darn, I wish I could go to Korea right now to raid this brand. If you couldn't tell, I love stationery goods. The only stationery company I knew growing up in Korea was Barunson, and one of my earliest memories of shopping was at a Barunson store, buying little erasers and pencils adorned with cute characters. Imagine how much variety would be there now! Okay, my next shopping destination: Korea. Oh boy.

If you can read Korean or want some eye candies, here is a Vogue Girl Korea feature on several Korean stationery companies, including o-check, with pictures of their products and their workspaces.

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sunny said...

I love stationery! You found some adorable things!

And I checked out the site you mentioned..but will end up using www.translate.google.com to be able to read the descriptions.