CD Art

I recently bought an album by Japanese duo, wyolica, titled Balcony. I listen to a lot of Jpop (Japanese pop), and they are one of my all-time favorites. This album is their latest one in like 5 years, so I was pretty excited to receive the CD in the mail the other day. Of course, I was looking forward to hearing their new music but I was also excited about checking out the cover art, jacket inside, etc. I love opening new CDs.. don't you? It's like getting a hand-written letter in the mail. ^^

Love it when they use illustrations, especially underneath the CD slot:

Speaking of CD art, I am reminded of these cool CD covers by Kunie Kanbara for another Japanese duo called Orange Pekoe:

Oh, a short video promoting Orange Pekoe's 10th anniversary album!

It's like a collage of their CD covers. They do a nice mix of pop + jazz. I prefer their earlier works though.. as I do with Wyolica. *sigh* This wyolica's latest album was slightly disappointing by the way. Probably my expectations were too high..

Well, at least the artwork in the CD is pretty. ^^

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