This is how my desk looked like yesterday. I spent a big chunk of the day finalizing a couple Valentine's Day card designs and getting used to Gocco all over again. The heart design in the picture won't make it to the store update, I don't think. It fails the ultimate test: "Would I buy this myself?" The answer was no, unfortunately, and I already gocco-ed a handful of them, too. :( It's not ugly, and I learned a lot while working on it (like, doing digital mock-ups is really helpful). But I just don't feel it!! Do you??

Well, at least the other design didn't tank. It coordinates nicely with the Poladoodle print I will have in the shop soon. It won't be a big update, by the way.. just a teeny weeny one. :)


Erica Kelly said...

i think its cute! i like the one in the upper right hand corner - the contrasting single heart makes it adorable. :) nice concept

Anonymous said...

I think you're right, I don't think I would buy it myself.

Jinnie said...

oh, thanks!
yeah, that's the digital mock-up; the hearts are all grey except for the big red heart. if you want, i can send you one ;)