Valentine's Day

I hope you all had a good Valentine's Day weekend. Since I get to have President's Day off, it was a 3-day weekend for me, and I spent it pretty leisurely. Not too romantic, just relaxed at home and caught up with errands.

Here are some chocolates I made for citrusboy using heart-shaped molds.

I got the molds a long time ago, and waited until Valentine's Day to use them. They are quite deep and wide, so the chocolates ended up being.. substantial, in citrusboy's words. Not that that's a bad thing. ^^

Uh oh.. After a weekend of heavy rain, I was glad to see some sun today but it's getting dark very quickly. And the sound of the rain hitting the windows sound rather.. hard. Wait, it's hail. I hope you all stay dry!! >_<


Laura said...

Thanks for you comment on my valentine!! My boyfriend loved it as well, which kind of surprised me because it's so obviously my style (which is maybe why he liked it!) But he put it up in his room for all to see!

love this chocolate! and i love how you used anthropologie tissue to display it :)

Jinnie said...

Ah ha! Someone noticed the Anthropologie tissue paper. ^^ Yes, I like to save pretty tissue papers for packaging. Thanks for stopping by!