Valentine's Day update

My Etsy store has been updated with two new creations: a Poladoodle print (limited edition of 5) and a Gocco card. This is my first time making prints with a Poladoodle made with 600 film, so the dimension of the prints has been updated to 8"x10" paper to accomodate the square format.

As you can see, the card design was inspired by the Polaroid image. The hearts are obviously inspired by Valentine's Day but I think they are appropriate any time. They were both very fun to make, especially the Gocco since I haven't touched it in awhile. Hope you come on over and take a look here!


Laura said...

I posted a link to your shop for this card on my blog!


very very cute!

Erica Kelly said...

aw adorable!

Lani Robertson said...

love 'em! :)

sarah b. said...

lovely work.