Altoid Tins

Hey, it's time for another rubber stamping project!
I got to go the local Daiso recently and bought a few craft items that I didn't know I needed. Like adhesive cork sheets. Here is how I used them on some Altoid tins I've been using to store office supplies.

I first saw this idea long time ago on Daily Danny here but never got around to buying cork sheets. And there they were at Daiso for just $1.50!

It's really simple. You just trace the shape of the tin on cork sheet with a pencil, cut and then paste on top of the lid. I wanted to do a little more decorating than how Danny did, so I made some labels, instead of rubber stamping directly on top. For "paper clips", I used a blank address label and for "push pins", I used a piece of twill tape that was rubber stamped first. This time, I made sure to try the VersaCraft stamp pads I mentioned before because they work for both paper and fabric.

I think I'm happy with both.. The third tin I'm saving for now, in case I think of a better idea. It's empty, anyway. ^^

So that's I've been up to in my spare time recently, some craft projects, and a shop update I'm planning for early March, which I'm very excited about. Hopefully it all works out.. :)

PS: Anyone interested in hand carving rubber stamps should see Geninne's tutorials here.

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