Happy New Year!

Wow, year 2009, it's already here! I didn't see it coming, did you? I've been away during the holidays, catching up with my family back in Chicago. But now that I am back, I feel like there's even more I need to catch up with. I think I've been enjoying vacations a little too much.

Here are some of my new year resolutions:
  • Read more books (visit the library more!)
  • Wii Fit at least 3 times a week
  • Clean out the closet (donate!)
  • Blog more regularly
  • Finish taxes early (hwhat??)
  • Create more
list to be continued and modified later.. ^^

Apparently, I lost weight, according some people. I heard that comment when I visited my friends in Japan, and again when I went back home for the holidays. I'd like to think it's thanks to Wii Fit, so I'm going to try to keep it up.

As for creating more, I'd like to update my store more often, spend more time actually creating something than just visualizing them in my head. Why is that so hard for me, oh why? Okay, so that is a biggie among the list.

I'm going try to be more positive, hopeful and grateful. Yes, darn it!

Happy New Year, everyone~

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