Chocolate Scrapbook

Last year, I made this chocolate scrapbook for citrusboy. He likes to try different kinds of dark chocolates, and with so much variety available here in the Bay Area, it was becoming difficult to keep track of what's good and what's not. I've seen wine journals but not chocolate journals, so I decided to make a scrapbook! I re-covered a scrapbook in reserve with some fresh fabric and rubber stamped "chocolate" on the cover. That's my Polaroid shot of some chocolates.. I might replace that with something better looking..

Some shots of the inside:

He wanted to keep things simple, so I made a rubber stamp in the shape of a text box, where he can jot down date, rating (out of 3 stars!) and a short comment. That's it, no other frills.. I've never made a scrapbook before, so this has been a good exercise. :)

Ah, the second page with Amedei chocolates. These are some serious chocolates, and we highly recommend them. We actually saw them at Mitsukoshi (fancy department store in Tokyo.. man, is there anything Tokyo doesn't have??) at some ridiculous price. We are definitely thankful that we can get them at more reasonable price right here.

Citrusboy still has plenty of chocolate wrappings to add to the book but he's forgotten how they taste. I think he should try them all again. ;)


Erica Kelly said...

such a cute idea! and i love the simplicity - make one for me about tea? mmm scrumptious! ;)

Jinnie said...

One for tea sounds like a good idea ^_^ Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

very sweet.
hm, i should finish that scrapbook i started for my kids' first year. oy.. :)

Jinnie said...

oh, you should! although, i shouldn't say anything.. i have piles of stuff from my trips that are waiting to be scrapped. :P