Handmade Christmas Card

Now that all my Christmas cards have been mailed out, I can share what they look like.

The snowflake design was drawn by me and then printed on Crane correspondence cards with Gocco white ink. I wasted many screens and bulbs because my original drawing had inconsistent amount of carbon, I think. I finally took the risk of trying my inkjet printer. I read in few places that, although you're supposed to use toner-based printed images, some HP inkjet printouts can work, too. Good thing my printer is okay for Gocco! FYI, I used HP PSC 2210 all-in-one inkjet printer. It's quite old and has trouble printing clean zerox copies, so I scanned my drawing, cleaned it up with Photoshop, and then printed the digital file. It worked very well, almost too well. I will have to do something about the excess carbon next time..

Although it was tedious, I had fun attaching the tiny glitter stars on the treetops. It was a small batch.. Since I had a late start in Christmas preparations, I made these only for personal use. Next year, I'm definitely going to have a proper holiday collection in my shop. :)

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