Chicago Trip

Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been away for a couple weeks, relaxing in Chicago with my family. I got to learn few crochet/sewing tips from Mom, celebrate Grandma's birthday, go to Renegade Craft Fair, shop at Off 5th (love this store!) and get the much needed haircut. :) Oh, the heavy rain that fell the same weekend as the Renegade Craft Fair! Boy, that was not fun, the rain I mean. Check out these pictures of the flood here. Thankfully, the area I was staying in was relatively okay but traffic was really bad because many roads were blocked. I happen to be driving on the Saturday of that weekend, and I felt like I was swimming because the roads were so flooded. That was scary.

Other than that, the trip was good. I was able to take only one shot of the Renegade Craft Fair because the battery was very low (doh!):

Some Polaroid shots I took near my parents' house:
Suburban Sky

Hanging out with some ducks:
They think.. Just Hanging Out

And the youngest member of the family, looking very interested:

Taking a break was good but I'm glad to be back! I missed the Wii Fit and the mild San Francisco weather. :P I'll be back with more regular posts. Cheers!

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