My First Embroidered Pillow Cover

A gift
I made an embroidered pillow cover for my sister's birthday. It's another first for me. I wanted to share the pictures earlier but couldn't ruin the surprise. ;) The pattern is not designed by me; it is by Salvia. I first saw it in Yurio Seki's book and randomly found the pattern in this book (pictured below). Awesome.

This project took me longer than expected.. Transferring the pattern onto the fabric took forever! I used the DMC tracing paper but boy did my hand hurt! Maybe I wasn't using the right tools.. Plus, I think I'm very slow.. and I often try to take on too many projects at once, which explains the lack of updates in my shop lately. I need a better way to organize my projects.

Anyway, sorry, sis. Happy Belated Birthday. ^^


montague said...

oh my! it is lovely!!! i am so inspired!

Anonymous said...

Oh, everything takes me about 4 times longer than I expect it to - so don't worry! It's lovely :)

Makes me want to try embroidery. My new couch is just asking for something like this!

Jinnie said...

thanks, amy and lexy!
yeah, i definitely realized i have to be more patient when it comes to embroidery and sewing. but it's still fun! you should definitely try embroidery. :)

velvetmoon said...

hey sis,

thanks so much! you know i still can't believe it's hand-made! no worry- i forgive you for the one-month delay, hehehe.

now i see- i should place it 'vertically' rather than 'horizontally'... i love it!

Unknown said...

ohhh i love your pillow!
so beautiful!
i started embroidery too, and your pillow is so inspiring.
love your chair too.

p.s. my tv is back now. yay!

Jinnie said...

@yuko: oh good! :D

@velvetmoon: *cough* i believe it was slightly less than a month late.

enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Superbe... j'aime beaucoup...