Polka dot hair pins

I've been in bad moods lately, and that can mean many things. But I think I will narrow them down to bad hair. Yup, I really need a haircut. I've been procrastinating getting one because I would really prefer to go to my regular(?) hair stylist back in Chicago. He's the one I always make sure to go see whenever I go there but now that I don't get to go as often, my hair is really showing it. Good thing I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to hair..

Anyway, so these are my new favorite accessories that I use to control my overgrown bangs. They go very well with my black hair, and they make me frown less whenever I look at myself in the mirror. :)


velvetmoon said...

aah, i was wondering.... that's why you're thinking about coming home... hehe.

Jinnie said...

well, that's not the only reason.. ^^