My second successful Gocco project

Hello, folks! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been having a sort of an artist block lately.. I did work on more projects with Gocco but I ended up wasting lots of screens. So far I've only flashed master screens with original drawings, and I learned that mixing two kinds of pens is not a good idea. I think I will start using copies of drawings, or scan them and then use digital print outs. Still lots to learn about Gocco..

But I managed to successfully print some Thank You cards:

I spent many agonizing hours sketching ideas on what to print on these blue note cards but in the end, I decided to print a simple text, something that Gocco can handle better than a handmade rubber stamp can. Once I decided that, the design came easily, and the master screen was made without any problems.

I'll show better pictures of the cards when I am ready to do a shop update. :)

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