Tetris revisited

I mentioned in my last Tetris DS post that I wouldn't play for awhile. I did give it a rest for a week or so before retrying.. The result was a record of 38,708,961 (I forgot to take a picture). Still long ways before 99,999,999!

So, naturally, I challenged myself again. Call me crazy. This is what happened:

Argh, 49,742,828!! I was doing so well, too. It's been going on and off for a couple weeks, and I was confident that someday I would reach the maximum score. But no. I made the mistake of playing too late last night, and my eyes gave into fatigue.. *sniff*

Oh well. Life goes on, right? It was fun while it lasted. :)

I won't play for awhile. Really.


twozdai said...

So funny, I too want to beat that 99,999,999 score... my last game ended similar to yours, me playing way to late in the night. it happens. I figure tetris and the goal will always be there to come back to when I need a break. Good luck with your next game. :)

Jinnie said...

I'm not alone, yay!!
That tetris sure has a lot of replay value. ^^ Good luck to you too~

enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris said...

J'adore Tetris... Bravo pour le score...