Shop Update

Hi all, my Etsy shop has been updated with a new set of stamped, flat cards. This time I decided to try something different, by combining stamping and drawing with colored pencils. Check them out here!

And in case you missed, a set of "Hi" Poladoodle postcards has been added to the store, here.

Fun fun fun! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I LIVE for coloured pencils! (ok, possibly a slight exaggeration - but I still love them!)

I really like how you've added the hints of colour with them, and how they pick up the texture in the card. Can't wait to see more!

It's my first visit to your blog too - I'm glad I found my way here!

(Love your studio space too, by the way - I'm in the process of setting mine up too! Oh, Ikea...)

Jinnie said...

Thanks! Yeah, I used to use colored pencils all the time, especially Prismacolor ones. :)

What did people do before IKEA, I wonder?? ^^