Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, everyone!!

This is a card I made for my dad. It was very fun to make because the idea was very spontaneous. I learned I have to stamp the white ink in several layers for it to look opaque against dark color.. :)

While making the card, I thought of my dad, of course.. I remember how he used to drag me and my sister out to a local park every morning before school started, to teach us tennis. He LOVES tennis. And he's good at it, too. He would always yell at me for not moving my feet fast enough, and my sister for hitting the ball too early (Even in tennis, my sister and I were total opposites. Anyway, I digress). We stopped playing when our high school schedule became too hectic. Now I kinda regret that I stopped learning from him. Who knows, maybe I would be totally fit right now, had I continued!

Ack, who am I kidding.
Anyway, I miss you Dad and your private lessons. Maybe next time I go home, we'll do some drills!

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velvetmoon said...

hey sis, awesome work you did. dad loves it!