Psst, I got a Gocco machine. OMG!

I first learned about Gocco a couple years ago when I was browsing various sites of Jill Bliss. I was immediately drawn to it but resisted getting one because I read that they were going to stop making them. But recently, I started to seriously reconsider because of my recent interest in rubber stamping. If I like making duplicates, then why, I should get into screen printing, I thought. And then one day, this Gocco came in the mail as a surprise present! >_< Thank you.. you know who you are. I am one happy gal.

Those cards in the picture above are the results of my first Gocco printing. As you can see, I made some mistakes and tested on different colors of paper. I think I used up almost half of the gold tube! What was I thinking? Heh.

I printed the design on lots of white note cards I had lying around. Here they are drying:

Not done yet! Here I'm adding some color with rubber stamps:

I guess I could have made a second screen for the hearts or used the blocking strips but I didn't want my first Gocco project to be too challenging. I rather like this combination of Gocco + rubber stamping.

I'll write about the finished cards next time. :)
You can learn more about Print Gocco here:
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Tina said...

Lucky you receiving a Gocco. Your first prints are so cute. I like how you used the rubber stamp for added detail.

velvetmoon said...

this is so lovely! i will do a duo-project together next time i'm out there!

Paul Overton said...

Nice. Those cards are great looking!

enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Excellent... Je veux la même machine...


enterrement de vie de garcon said...

Très original, j'adore vraiment.


enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Magnifique, fallait y penser.


enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

c'est tellement bien ces cartes.


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