Rubber stamping..

As you can see, I'm still obsessed with Tetris and even playing it on paper, with rubber stamps. I've dabbled in rubber stamping before but now I'm really getting into it. I started seeing falling blocks even when I'm not playing, so that's when I knew they had to manifest themselves physically somehow. Call me crazy!!

Anyway, I really like how you can reproduce the same image over and over again, and how the ink interacts with the texture of the paper. Instead of buying stamps, I've been drawing my own designs and carving rubber pads to make my own. I know Tetris isn't that original; you'll see my original designs soon. Can't reveal them just yet! ^^ I plan to make cards with my handmade stamps and have them available on my Etsy shop next week, in time for Poppytalk Handmade's May Market. Hope you stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

woo. these are great!!

Anonymous said...

i love love. very cute!

Jessie said...

Your site and your artwork are pure loveliness! I could look at the poladoodles ALL DAY!

I'm with you on the Tetris thing! (So glad I'm not the only one!)

I even wrote about it on one of my very first posts on my own blog.


enterrement de vie de célibataire said...

Excellent... une sorte de Tetris...