'Roid Week 2008 preview

Tomorrow is 'Roid Week 2008 and I'm psyched! As you can see, I've selected my submissions, and they are ready in order you see them, along with some new Poladoodles. Of course, if I shoot any good ones during the week, I'll add them to the queue too.

I'm not so depressed about Polaroid not making instant films anymore because I've been able to stock up through good deals. Now I have about 40 twin packs of Spectra, and plenty of 600s too. I'm not too worried about 600 films because they are more readily available than Spectras. But I am concerned that my Minolta Instant Pro started acting up today. It won't close all the way. Hopefully, no replacements are ever needed..

To view my 'Roid Week 2008 submissions, please visit my Flickr photostream here. Let's have fun!

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