New Camera!

It's been so long since I blogged.. so sorry! How was everyone's Thanksgiving? November has always been special to me, not just because of Thanksgiving but because my birthday is right around then. This time, I went to Chicago for a little bit to visit my family. It was good to see everyone and just chill.. I didn't get to eat turkey because my family doesn't really do the traditional American dinner things. But that's okay because I'm on a diet, or something like it. :P

Anyway, look what I got as a birthday present!

It's Polaroid SLR 680, something I've been wanting for awhile, and I can't believe citrusboy remembered! It's a really cool machine, and I'm loving the preview button. I feel like a whole new adventure has begun for me. I'm just barely getting used to Minolta Instant Pro (I got that a year ago) and now this! Who knows how much money I'll waste on films.. Heh. But it's so exciting to take pictures with different format than what I'm used to (Spectras, which are wider). I'm sure you'll see some of them very soon on my Flickr photostream. Hopefully they turn out okay. :)

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