These days, I've been working on creating some new kinds of goodies featuring my Polaroid shots.

I've been tinkering with the idea of making cards with Polaroids for a while now. I struggled for hours on finalizing the design, too. What you see isn't what I decided on; you'll see them very soon on my Etsy shop. I tried so many combinations of polaroid + patterned paper without making the cards look too busy, it was almost painful. I even doubted whether the card needed anything else other than the picture but I really wanted to add more than just the Polaroid.. so when that perfect combination happened, I was so happy. It was quite a problem solving experience. When you solve it, the answer makes all the trouble you went through worth it. I hope I'm not hyping it up too much. ^^

I also stopped by the printer today to check the proofs for my next set of Poladoodle prints. Yup, I'll finally have some new stuff on Etsy very soon! I'll make another announcement when I update the store, along with few other news.. Stay tuned!

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