Knock Knock

Lately, I am digging the paper goods by Knock Knock. I first saw them when I was shopping in the Hawthorne District of Portland, and instantly fell in love with their clean design and wittiness. I haven't shopped for stationery goods in awhile, so I was glad to find something new (to me, at least). Here are some of their stuff I bought recently:

I got the Pro/Con list to help my indecisiveness and the Paper E-Mail is just so darn cute.

They have more pads for lists like "Who's To Blame?" and "Sh_t List". If you like making lists and jotting notes on stickies all the time like I do, you'll find their stuff a lot of fun. And next time somebody's talking too loud on their cell phone or has really bad BO, you can give them this Citizen Citation. ^^

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