Craft, Inc. Book Launch Party

Last night, I went to Meg Mateo Ilasco's Craft, Inc. Book Launch Party in downtown San Francisco. I'd bought the book before at Kinokuniya and I've been reading it for some reference and inspiration since I am a new craft business owner. I'm not done with the book but so far it's really cool.. I'm really enjoying the interviews she's done. They're very inspirational and full of interesting stories. The book itself is small and light enough so that you can take it anywhere, and the layout is clean, so it's easy to follow, too. So when I learned that she's throwing a book party, I decided to check it out. Sometimes, I feel quite disconnected from the craft community (none of the people I'm close to here is crafty or do what I do), so I thought it might be a good way to see who else are interested in reading this kind of book.

Well, I didn't mingle at all.. I'm too shy when it comes to talking with strangers. I'm actually very bad at it.. But I got to talk to Meg Mateo Ilasco herself, even got the book signed! Dumb mistake I made was forgetting to show her my Poladoodles, which were right inside my bag.. maybe I was too nervous. See what I mean? *sigh*

Anyway, there were so many goodies they were giving away. I kind of wish I'd waited and bought the book at the party, then I could've entered the raffle. Oh well.. ^^

Tomorrow is the grand opening of a new shop on Valencia St, here in San Francisco, called The Curiosity Shoppe. I'm definitely going to check the store out since it's in my neighborhood. Love the shop name.. makes me, well, curious about what they sell! :)

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