Vancouver Trip Photos

After visiting Seattle, my friends and I drove up to Vancouver (Vancouver B.C., not to be confused with Vancouver, Washington ;)) and stayed there for a weekend. I heard lots of good things about it before, and I was not disappointed. We walked mostly around the downtown area and also Stanley Park. I liked how everything was.. dense, for lack of a better word. The city reminded me a little of Seoul or Tokyo. There were so many Korean and Japanese restaurants! Bonus! :)

Isn't the sunset beautiful? This was at False Creek, just after we had dinner at a restaurant called Nu. You can view my Polaroid pics from this area here.

This was the view of the city from our hotel:

This is a cupcake shop called, well, Cupcakes:

They had so many different flavors of cupcakes, I couldn't resist. One of the flavors I got was called Pearfection. Mm.. I devoured one while we were waiting for a table at a Japanese ramen place called Kintaro, also on Denman St. Another mm...

Here are some shots of what we ate at Guu, another Japanese restaurant:

Some pork cutlets sandwiched between buns. Tiny portions but mighty tasty!

Udon noodles with kimchi and mentaiko (cod roe):

This was my favorite. I liked it so much that I tried making it at home, with some success. Now it's one of my regular lunch options.

I guess I have lots of food photos from Vancouver, huh. ^^ I did eat A LOT, including really yummy frozen yogurt at Blueberry (polaroid here). By the end of the trip, my stomach felt like it was going to burst. Citrusboy and I can't help it, though.. we really like trying out new restaurants when we travel, especially Japanese restaurants. Our dream is to do a food tour in Japan. *sigh*

Anyway, it was a great trip.. I even managed to get lots of Labello lip glosses as recommended by Not Martha. Every time I passed by a London Drugs, I went "Ooh~" I probably annoyed the heck out of my guy friends.. Heh.

Vancouver, I'll see you again!

(photos by citrusboy)

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