Seattle Trip Photos

Last month, I went to Seattle with citrusboy to visit a friend of ours. We've been there a few times before, so we skipped a lot of the touristy places. I remembered that the Seattle Art Museum was closed the first time I visited, so this time I made sure to check it out. It was a very big museum! A lot bigger than it looks like, so we got really tired.. My favorite piece was a sculpture of a giant black mouse sitting on top of a man sleeping in bed. I think it was titled "Mann und Maus". My first reaction was to say, "Oh, how cute!" Then I realized, the size of the mouse was a little too discomforting.. -_- I wish I have a picture of it but photography was not allowed there.

Then there were these white cars hanging from the ceiling on the first floor...
Very cool to look at.. Makes me wonder, how do you go about starting these kinds of projects? Fascinating..

We also took a little stroll through the Olympic Sculpture Park. It was a lovely day, not too hot, not too cold. And best of all, not too crowded! Citrusboy can't handle crowded places, so that was a good thing. ^^

Murals in the terrace:
I love those chairs! I forgot to try sitting on one of those.. Heh.

A view of the famous Space Needle through the sculpture by Alexander Calder called Eagle:

The park had lots of interesting sculptures but we were more interested in all the different kinds of plants and trees they planted. My favorite were these funky looking trees called quaking aspen:
To me, the trunks looked like they had eyes. So strange! I took a Polaroid shot of one of the trees, which you can view here.

And here's me, holding my trusty Minolta Instant Pro:
(I'm standing in middle of an installation called Wake by Richard Serra)

It was a relaxing trip... we went without much of a plan but it still worked out okay. I'm one of those people who have to plan everything out before going on a trip but I had no time to do that.. Good thing it wasn't my first trip to Seattle, so I think I was able to just go and have fun. :) Yay!

(Photo credits go to citrusboy. You'll see me mentioning him often. He's Mr. Lilacmoon, if you will ;))

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